Comanche County Memorial Hospital is in Lawton, Oklahoma just one hour south of Oklahoma City, three hours north of Dallas and just minutes from the historic Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Lawton is a great place to make a living and still have a life. As the regional referral center for Southwest Oklahoma, you can practice big city medicine without the commute.

Feel free to browse through the following benefits CCMH employees receive when they join the team.

  • Medical
  • Dental & Vision
  • Paid Days Off (PDO)
  • Non-Contributory Retirement Plan
  • Additional Benefits

Plan I $500 Individual Calendar Year Deductible 90% Coverage

  Full-Time (Per Pay Period) Part-Time
Employee $44.37 $469.30
Employee/Child $229.37 $563.29
Employee/Spouse $273.74 $585.38
Employee/Family $384.25 $624.48

Plan II$500 Individual Calendar Year Deductible 80% Coverage

  Full-Time (Per Pay Period) Part-Time
Employee $25.76 $259.48
Employee/Child $142.51 $346.57
Employee/Spouse $201.54 $374.41
Employee/Family $284.99 $420.20

DENTAL PLAN $1,250 Maximum Calendar Year Benefit per covered family member

100% Preventative Services No deductible  
85% General Services $25/$75  
50% Major Services $25/$75  
  Full-Time (Per Pay Period) Part-Time
Employee $6.15 $19.78
Employee/Family $22.42 $36.04

VISION PLAN Discounted eye exams and office visits; wholesale pricing

  Full-Time (Per Pay Period) Part-Time
Employee $12.34 $12.34
Employee/Family $27.84 $27.84

Available to full-time and part-time employees. Accrued each 8 hours per 80 hour pay period.

Months Employed Accrual Rate Estimated days annually
based on 80 hour pay-period
0-18 ½ Hour 16
18-60 ¾ Hour 24
60-120 1 Hour 32
120 and Above 1 ¼ Hours 40


Comanche County Hospital Authority provides retirement benefits for you, at no cost to you. The retirement income that you will receive is just one of the fringe benefits gained by your years of service with the organization.

Your Retirement Benefit upon meeting vesting requirements (working 1,000 hours each year for 10 years) will be calculated as follows:
1. 0.60% of your Average Plan Compensation and then multiplying the sum by...
2. Your years of credited service.

Now let’s look ahead to the different situations in which you can expect to receive income from the Plan:

  • Rule of 90
    The Rule of 90 occurs when the employee’s age plus his or her years of service equals 90. If you choose to retire when you reach the Rule of 90 even if you are not yet age 65, your benefit will not be reduced for the longer payment period.
  • Normal Retirement
    Your normal retirement date is the 1st of the month following your 65th birthday. You may start receiving benefits on this date providing you have completed vesting requirements.
  • Early Retirement
    The Plan states that you are eligible for early retirement upon reaching age 55 and have completed vesting requirements. If you choose early payment, your benefit will be reduced because the payments are spread out over a longer period.
  • Late Retirement
    Employees who continue to work for the organization after attaining age 65 will continue to participate in the Plan and earn credited service until they actually retire. Your retirement benefit is calculated using the same formula as used for normal retirement or is based on your benefit as of normal retirement date (actuarially increased for delayed payment), if higher.
Base Life Insurance Elective Life Insurance
457(b) * Flexible Spending Account
Gift Shop Discount Cafeteria Discount (25%)*
Long-Term Disability Inpatient/Outpatient Discount
OTC Pharmacy Discount* Short-Term Disability
Prescription Drug Plan Continuing Education*
Birthday Coupon Employee Assistance Program*
*Benefits eligible to all full-time & part-time employees including those on the Per Diem Agreement

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Benefits Just for Nurses

  • Education Reimbursement provides up to $3,000 reimbursement for new graduates who have recently received certification or licensure in a high need area at CCMH. The new employee agrees to a one year commitment at CCMH starting on an agreed upon date. The new graduate will submit the proper documentation and the reimbursement will be paid on their next payroll check.
  • Education Incentive Program is designed to help students with the expense of tuition and book fees. Eligibility is based on the program of study and if the position is considered to be a critical need. Applications for the program are available in the Recruiting Department at the hospital. The maximum amount of funds available is $8,000 with the option to get an additional $4,000 to obtain an advanced degree. In return for the funds, the individual agrees to work as an employee of CCMH in the identified position.
  • Differential Pay. All hourly employees receive evening/night shift, holiday shift and weekend shift differential pay to compensate for the inconvenience of working such hours.
  • ... and more! See the Nursing Opportunities Brochure