Board of Trustees

Pat Henry

Dennis Butler, JD

John Zelbst

Buddy Green

About the Board

The Comanche County Hospital Authority Board of Trustees, working in cooperation with hospital leadership and administration, sets policy and exercises ultimate authority over Comanche County Memorial Hospital, McMahon Tomlinson Nursing Center and all entities associated with the Comanche County Hospital Authority.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five community leaders appointed by Comanche County Commissioners on a voluntary basis. Despite countless hours of dedicated service to Comanche County Memorial Hospital, the Board Members receive no form of compensation for their role as trustees, or hours of voluntary service.

The leadership of the Board of Trustees is determined through the annual nomination and election of officers. Members of the Board of Trustees nominate and elect members of the Board to serve in the capacity of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.

The Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of every month.

Agenda of Board of Trustee Meetings, McMahon-Tomlinson Nursing Center, Memorial Hospital and Physician Group, and Board of Trustee's Finance

Agenda of Board of Lawton Community Health Center