Childbirth Education Classes

Your first step in preparing for the miracle of birth is to take our Childbirth Education Classes. Designed for couples expecting for the first time or those who need a refresher, this series of informational classes will teach you the basics about giving birth, including what to expect during labor and delivery. You'll learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you remain more comfortable and focused during the birthing process, and we'll even hold a "labor rehearsal" enabling you to get a feel for each stage of labor and delivery. Mother and baby care topics are also covered, giving you the skills you'll need after returning home with your newborn.

The Childbirth Education Classes are taught by experienced nurses who are certified in childbirth education.

The class includes three sessions and is free of charge if you deliver your child at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. 

Registration Info: 
Pre-registration is required. Call 580.585.5544 to register