Family Residency

Comanche County Memorial Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year program accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

The program has four resident slots per year.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is 263-bed hospital and its inpatient services include obstetrics and gynecology, medical/surgical units, a NICU, behavioral healths, intensive care, and rehabilitation services.


To provide excellence in education for our Family Medicine residents while building a quality primary care workforce for rural Oklahoma.


To develop physicians committed to compassionate, holistic and patient centered care.

Core values:

  • Compassion
  • Duty
  • Inquiry
  • Leadership
Dr. Schafer

Dr. Moncy Varkey - Program Director

Even though my parents are not physicians, they had always emphasized my education, as the foundation to any success I would have in life. As a young physician now, I realized how right they were – being a lifelong learner is the key to being an excellent doctor. I carry that lesson into my job as the program director here; we aim to create well-rounded and caring physicians that strive to be excellent physicians. I also believe that the challenge of providing care in rural Oklahoma creates resourceful and creative physicians. At times I underestimate how good our residents are at treating challenging patients; they will leave here well equipped to deal with any practice – rural or metropolitan.

Family Medicine Core Faculty

Dr. Moncey Varkey

Moncy Varkey, D.O.

Program Director

Medical School:

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Sacred Heart Hospital

Mercedez Bernard, D.O.

Associate Program Director

Medical School:

Oklahoma State University


Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Dr. Troy Harden, D.O.

Troy Harden, D.O.

Medical School:

Oklahoma State University of Health Sciences


Hillcrest Health Center

Dr. Troy Harden, D.O.

Renato Caballero II, M.D.


Medical School:

Cetec University School of Medicine


University of Kansas

Dr. Troy Harden, D.O.

John Loose, D.O.


Medical School:

Oklahoma State University


Tulsa Regional Medical Center

Family Medicine Curriculum

The Family Medicine program completes rotation in 4 weeks block to allow for a 13th rotation.

PGY 1          

1 block – ENT

1 block – Emergency Medicine

3 blocks – Hospitalist (Internal Medicine/Inpatient)

1 block – Gynecology Outpatient

1 block – General Surgery

1 block – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

1 block – OB (L&D)

1 block – Outpatient Pediatrics

1 block – Psychiatry

1 block – Continuity Clinic

1 block – Pediatric – Inpatient (St. Francis)

1 block – Cardiology


1 block – Clinic

2 block – Hospitalist (Inpatient Medicine)

1 block – Outpatient Pediatrics

1 block – Ortho/Sports Medicine

1/2 block – Ophthalmology

1/2 block – Radiology

1 block – Oncology

1 block – Urology

1 block – Pain Management and Rehabilitation

1 block – Neurology

1 block – Nephrology

2 blocks – Electives

PGY 2                   

3 blocks – Hospitalist (Inpatient Medicine)

2 blocks – Emergency Medicine

1 block – OB (L&D)

1 block – Outpatient GYN

1 block – Ortho/Sports Medicine

1 block – Dermatology

1 block – Pulmonology ICU

1 block – Pediatric Inpatient

1/2 block – Quality Improvement

1/2 block – Administration

1 block – Elective

ACGME Accreditation MedWatch


Didactics are done every Friday from 12pm – 5pm. This time is protected from other resident duties in the hospital and attendance is mandatory unless on certain offsite rotations or on vacation.

Didactics typically include lectures from core faculty, case review, procedure teaching, resident lectures, guest lectures from other specialties, and OMM.

Journal Club is held every three months and PGY 2 and 3 residents will be required to present once per year at Grand Rounds which is held quarterly.



Longitudinal Experiences

  • Family Medicine Continuity Clinic
  • Radiology (Didactics – lectures by Radiologist, video presentations, journal articles, case by case review with Radiologist when on Hospitalist, Pediatrics, Pulmonary, ICU, Neurology, case by case review when on ED and Fast Tracks services with Emergency Physicians, case by case review on Orthopedics with the Orthopedists, case by case review at the continuity clinic.)
  • Geriatrics curriculum
  • Procedures/Simulation curriculum
  • Patient safety and quality improvement training
  • Disease prevention and wellness training
  • Practice management (Management of Health Care Systems/Transition to Practice)
  • Family Medicine didactics
  • Practice based learning curriculum (Journal Club, research project, and presentation)
  • Sports Medicine

Lawton Community Health Center

The Lawton Community Health Center serves as the Continuity Clinic for the Family Medicine Residents at CCMH. LCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center designated by the US Department of Health and Human Services. It provides pediatric and adult wellness services, OB/GYN services and behavioral wellness services.

Residents in their intern year will complete their first month of residency in the clinic and will then will be in the clinic for a ½ day a week in PGY 1,  two ½ days in PGY 2 and four ½ days in PGY 3.

In 2015, LCHC served 9,124 unique patients and had 28,083 patient encounters.


Comanche County Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residents complete the majority of their training within the hospital or at private practice offices within Lawton. Residents will complete several rotations outside of the hospital at affiliated sites.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is affiliated with the following locations:

St. Francis Health System – Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Inpatient Pediatrics

VA Medical Center  – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Pulmonology